• Step mats bring safety in many ways

    Step mats perform two important tasks: On the one hand, they prevent slipping when using the stairs https://carpet-for-stairs.com. They provide a non-slip surface and are irreplaceable, especially when footwear is wet. The second advantage of the mats is the protection of the stairs. The top and, in many versions, the edge is protected from scratches and impacts. As a rule, the step mats can be removed without leaving any residue, so that the stairs are protected from damage for the entire period. The "Kettelservice-Metzker® Step Mats Rambo" are kept in a semi-circular shape and extend beyond the edge. They have a treadsound-insulating effect and thus reduce the noise when running over the stairs. The mats are used in single-family houses as well as in the corridor area of apartment buildings. Thanks to their shape, they are suitable for many commercially available stairs. Special models must only be used for particularly small or narrowly converged steps. When selecting the products, the fit is an important size. However, you must note that the step mats are designed to cover the part of the steps that is preferred when running. No cover of the entire step surface is made. In addition to the indoor versions, there are also stepped mats for outdoor use.


    The selection of suitable step mats
    Self-adhesive step mats are provided with adhesive surfaces at the bottom. At the minimum, individual adhesive strips are provided over the entire surface. Other models have an adhesive surface that covers the entire underside. To prevent the adhesive from getting stuck prematurely, a removable film is attached. When attaching, you must note that once glued step mats with the same adhesive layer cannot be used a second time. Therefore, you must proceed carefully when assembling the step mats. As a rule, it is possible to remain flexible with additional or replacement adhesive strips and to increase the hold even further. It is important that the substrate is freshly cleaned and dry. The step mats are mounted on tiles, marble and many other smooth step coverings. They prevent you from slipping and falling on the slippery surface. On rainy days or at a fast running pace there is always the risk of falling, which is to be prevented by the mats. Step mats also have decorative advantages. They bring colour to the stairwell, as can be seen from the example of the beautissu floor mats. The spectrum includes many different shades, which are selected to match the décor, the stairs and the wall design.


    The mats are usually offered in a pack of 15, as this corresponds to the usual number of stairs. However, it is not a standardized value, so you must count the required number before purchasing. Indoor step mats are made of the same materials as carpets. They can be particularly densely woven and bordered. A fixed end prevents the fraying of the step mats. A densely woven and slightly roughened surface ensures a good grip. For safety, the adhesive layer is important for self-adhesive variants. Another difference is the form. Both semi-circular and rectangular mats are offered. Outdoors, rubber is the right choice. The floor-to-step mats of Floordirekt STEP are provided with a top and offer a better grip in rain, mud and snow. However, solid footwear should always be worn and the mats must be kept as dry as possible.